TravelAwaits reached out to major tour operators to see which underrated tour destinations should be on our radar for next year.

According to experts from G Adventures, Tauck, Intrepid Travel, EF Go Ahead Tours, and Trafalgar, here are the under-the-radar destinations folks need to put on their travel list for 2023.

View of Taktsang Monastery or Tiger's Nest Monastery, The Famous Tibetan Buddhist Temple on the Cliff in Paro Bhutan

Bhutan is often called “the last Shangri-La” due to its natural beauty, rich cultural heritage, and sustainable development.

Photo credit: Khanthachai C /

1. Bhutan, South Asia

“Bhutan is slated to open the historic Trans Bhutan Trail later this year after a 60-year hiatus. This small, breathtaking country offers beautiful landscapes and hikes, charming local villages, and spirituality as the birthplace of the Gross National Happiness concept. Bhutan is an unforgettable, under-the-radar adventure for 2023.” — Marina Goodwin, senior manager of PR & Brand Partnerships, EF Go Ahead Tours

Beautiful panoramic view of Lagoa do Fogo lake in Sao Miguel Island, Azores, Portugal. "Lagoa do Fogo" in São Miguel Island, Azores. Panoramic image of Lagoa do Fogo, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal.

Lagoa do Fogo on Sao Miguel Island in The Azores

Photo credit: DaLiu /

2. The Azores, Portugal

“The Azores is such a hidden gem for U.S. travelers. It’s not crowded, easy to get to, as spectacular as Iceland in terms of landscape, and it’s warmer. It has some of the best easier hikes possible and some of the most magnificent vistas you can imagine. The food is awesome, the people are super friendly, and the cost is affordable. It should be on everyone’s must-do list for 2023–2024.” — Yves Marceau, VP of Product, G Adventures

Sunrise in Puerto de Santiago city, Tenerife, Canary island, Spain

Puerto de Santiago, Tenerife

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3. Tenerife, Spain

“Another destination that everyone should consider — and also not visited much by Americans — is Tenerife. The climate in the winter is like Florida. United now has a direct flight from New York, but it is also easily accessed via London, Madrid, Paris, and Amsterdam. The cost is low and the island is spectacular. Hiking is accessible to most people, and the food and wine are world class.” — Marceau, G Adventures

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Dubrovnik castle and city on the adriatic sea

Dubrovnik Castle and city on the Adriatic Sea

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4. Croatia

“For those looking to explore a place in a new way, our sailing product in Croatia and Greece fits the bill. Each night, your small sailing group will dock in the center of town on a different island or picture-perfect village/town. You have dinner on shore, walk ancient towns during the day, and spend downtime swimming or relaxing on deck. I was skeptical about a sailing adventure until I did my first one (I’m not a sailor), but I got hooked. It is such a great way to disconnect while still being able to see and experience a variety of places in a unique way.” — Marceau, G Adventures

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overlooking the Bay of Naples

Stock up on all things lemon while living like a local in Sorrento, Italy

Photo credit: Laura Ray

5. Sorrento, Italy

“For those not into hiking or not into sailing: Try living like a local in Italy or Croatia. It is a mind-opening, in-depth experience. Travelers stay in one place (so you can actually unpack those bags!) but discover the region in much more depth. The hosts make travelers feel as if they are visiting long-time friends, as they share their homes, neighborhoods, and culture with travelers. Accommodations are comfortable and have private baths, so while it’s not a homestay, it still feels very intimate and immersive. These trips are also short enough that if you want you can add a few days independently in the gateway arrival city.” — Marceau, G Adventures

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“Egypt, Jordan, and Israel were all gaining in popularity prior to Covid, and with so many people returning to Europe, it’s really a great time to experience these amazing destinations before they’re back on top of everyone’s wish list.”

Jeremy Palmer, CEO of Tauck

Hieroglyphics at Valley of the Kings

Valley of the Kings

Photo credit: Whatafoto /

6. Egypt

Egyptian attractions, such as the Valley of the Kings, give visitors a chance to walk through history — but Egypt isn’t just for history buffs. This once-in-a-lifetime destination is also for foodies, architecture aficionados, culture lovers, photographers, and adventure travelers. Here are 7 Reasons To Put Egypt On Your Bucket List.

dead sea in Jordan

Dead Sea, Jordan

Photo credit: Fadi Sultaneh /

7. Jordan

Pair a visit to Egypt with a trip to Jordan on Tauck’s Jordan & Egypt: Petra to the Pyramids. Enjoy a three-night Nile River cruise and a 4×4 adventure across the lunar landscapes of Wadi Rum. Of course, no visit to Jordan is complete without a peek at Petra and a soak in the Dead Sea. Tauck also lets you pair a Jordan tour with a visit to Israel.

Dome of the Rock Jerusalem

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

Photo credit: Beata Bar /

8. Israel

Take a Tauck tour of biblical proportions. The two-week Israel and Jordan tour explores the “civilizations, cultures, history, traditions, religions, and the arts” of the Sea of Galilee, Petra, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv.

“Travelers are booking Intrepid’s most popular destinations such as Morocco, Egypt, Ecuador, Turkey and Peru, but we’ve also seen big sales in trending destinations like Antarctica, Iceland, Costa Rica, and Everest Base Camp.”

Matt Berna, president of Intrepid Travel, North America

Penguin Antarctica

Penguin Antarctica

Photo credit: Sue Davies / Travel For Life Now

9. Antarctica

If icebergs and penguins are your thing, check the southernmost continent off your bucket list and witness the icy wilderness of the Great White Continent on an Intrepid Travel tour of Antarctica.

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland

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10. Iceland

Home to icebergs and glaciers, geysers and other geothermal wonders, Iceland is chock full of natural beauty. Intrepid Travel offers several ways to experience Iceland. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see the northern lights!

Majestic waterfall in the rainforest jungle of Costa Rica. Tropical hike.

Majestic waterfall in the rainforest jungle of Costa Rica

Photo credit: Galyna Andrushko /

11. Costa Rica

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures or lazing by the beach, Costa Rica is a stunning Central American vacation destination. Here, you can find an incredible Cloud Forest, beautiful national parks, unique birds, and other incredible wildlife. Costa Rican Intrepid Travel tours take visitors from the jungle to the coast.

Everest Base camp

Tibetan prayer flags are a common sight on an Everest Base Camp adventure

Photo credit: Daniel Prudek /

12. Everest Base Camp

Boasting spectacular scenery, Intrepid Travel’s trekking tour of Everest Base Camp is among the most dramatic and picturesque in the Himalayas. The only catch? You have to be between 18-29 years old for this adventure.

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