Solving the puzzle at the top of the tower.

Tangaroa City is one of the most impressive locations you’ll visit in Raft. Located after completing Balboa Island, Tangaroa City is an enormous domed structure with skyscrapers, modern amenities, and robot sentries running amuck. To complete this area, you need to activate a unique launch code to detach the “lifeboat” at the top of the tallest tower in the formerly underwater city. Once you reach the control room in the central tower, you’ll find a note and a keypad with four digits.

Cracking the code is easy if you know the solution. You’ll have to explore the entire city to get the numbers. Below we’ll explain how to solve the puzzle and give you the exact code — unlike other randomized elements in Raft, the launch code never changes. Here’s how to solve the last mystery on Tangaroa City.

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How To Launch The Lifeboat | Code Solution Guide

To find the puzzle, you need to reach the upper level of the Main Tower at the center of the city, in the dome. To enter the Main Tower, you need to access the skyscrapers through the Plantation Elevator — travel to the plantation and repair the electrical panels to unlock doors and gain access to the elevator up. The Plantation is also where you’ll find the Electric Purifier Blueprint.

From the elevator, travel up to the skyscraper rooftops. Using ladders and zip-lines, you can reach the interior of the Main Tower, then ride the lift down to the ground floor. From the inside you’ll be able to unlock the door. The elevator also connects to the top floor, where you’ll find the launch puzzle.

  • Emergency Bridge Launch Puzzle: Find the keypad and computer terminal at the top floor of the Main Tower. If you want to solve the puzzle yourself, check the note in this room.
    • You can also find the Large Storage Blueprint here.

The note is a clue — each image depicts a representation of one of the buildings in the city. Each building has a number. Can you figure out which symbol is for what building?

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  • What Does The Clue Mean?:
    • Goggles: VR Arcade
    • Hamburger: Burger Joint
    • Clippers: Barber
    • Ring: Clothing Store

Visit each of these locations and check the building number. The number is above the door. If you check all four buildings in order, this is the number you’ll get:

  • Emergency Bridge Launch Code: 4-8-1-3

Just because you’ve launched doesn’t mean you’ll want to stop exploring. Tangaroa City is the most complex location in Raft, with some of the most important endgame blueprints. Keep exploring — and don’t miss out on the secret basement. If you can find it.